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About Us

CONSULTEC - Consultores Associados Lda. is a Mozambican limited company established for more than 25 years, whose eight shareholders are almost entirely senior technicians working in the company. The strategic investment in its human capital allowed for the establishment of a multidisciplinary, cohesive and unwavering technical team that shares a deep professional intimacy and sound knowledge of the national reality.

Making use of international best practices and under the slogan “building the future responsibly”, the company has been constantly increasing its vast experience in studies, projects, supervision and audit in the areas of civil engineering, natural resources, environment, socio-economy and electromechanics.

The unquestionable reputation for integrity and professional competence built by the company stems from the high qualification, experience and dedication of its technicians. Currently, CONSULTEC has more than 50 senior technicians among its 115 permanent workers, namely, engineers of various fields (civil, electromechanical, environmental, agronomists), biologists, geologists, sociologists, economists and architects.

After a slow growth experienced at its inception phase, reflected by the reality of the country´s economic development, a focus on diversification of services and training of CONSULTEC´s technicians was followed, which resulted in the last ten years in an annual continuous growth of about 9%, and currently the company can simultaneously run over 50 multidisciplinary projects. Throughout its existence CONSULTEC was successfully involved in projects funded by the Government of Mozambique, governments of other countries and by multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies such as the European Union, UNDP, World Bank and other development banks.

In addition to holding a consultant license, the company is registered with MITADER (Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development) as a Consultant in Environmental Impact Assessment, is certified by the quality standard ISO 9000, and also holds the “Made in Mozambique” label. It is registered with World Bank, AfDB and other international organizations. CONSULTEC is a founding member of AEMC - Mozambican Association of Consulting Companies and a member of FEMA - Environment Business Forum.